Receive Abundance By Giving Willingly Without Expecting Reward

"The way to receive abundance is to go all your way to give willingly." - Zen Fú-yún

receive abundance by giving willingly quote

The simplest and purely way to achieve abundance in life, is not mindless grabbing.

It is by simply by giving, without any expectation of recognition or reward.

When I say “abundance”, I am not talking about material stuff or money.

There are many other ways to give to mankind.

For instance, offer a helping hand to do something, spending time to talk to someone who is in difficulties, give a warm sincere smile to strangers, perform random act of kindness, or spread love around.

In abundance, we are healed while healing.

Receive Abundance By Giving Willingly

The other day I was at the mall. There was this teenage girl accompanying her aged granny.

The teenager was holding her feeble grandmother by her arm, as they walked along.

Even though the poor old lady was slow in her steps, yet the youngster was patiently and happily chatting away as she followed along.

You can tell the lady was greatly grateful to her grand-daughter.

Then they walked to the food kiosk to get a sandwich.

The guy at the sandwich kiosk noticed and touched by the young girl's sweet caring act.

With a smile, he readily offered them the sandwich free of charge.

The young girl could not believe it.

As you can see, this teenage girl's act of giving time and patience to her granny was rewarded by a complete stranger.

Remember to give and leave yourself open to receive blessings and abundance.

Written by: Zen Fú-yún

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