About Great Thoughts And Gentle Reminders

Hello, my name is Zen Fú-yún

great thoughts and gentle reminders by Zen Fú-yún

I'm the founder and curator of Great Thoughts And Gentle Reminders.

Great Thoughts And Gentle Reminders is an online treasury of profound philosophical and spiritual quotes.

You don't read these collection of  quotation for knowledge or information. But for your mental and spiritual aspirations.

This is a treasure trove where you can nourish your soul, seek inner peace, receive encouragement, get motivated, soothe by words of comfort and to find inspiration.

You will discover timeless wisdom and peerless insights that can help you to cope and deal with the real complexity and uncertainty of life.

Powerful messages on embracing the gift of human potential, cultivating compassion, positive thought, how to achieve a rich meaningful life with joy, peace and spiritual fulfillment and also the acceptance of death and impermanence.

If you are lost or confused, let the enlightening quotes in Great Thoughts And Gentle Reminders illuminate your mind and guide you on your life path.

UPDATE 2017:

In the past, this blog merely sharing random selected quotes.

Now it has been revamped.  It shares solely philosophical and spiritual quotations.

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Written by: Zen Fú-yún

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